We have gameplay of thief on our youtube channel. So stay tuned for more!

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We will shortly be adding brand new reviews featuring Naval Strike and Dragons Teeth on BF4 sorry about the delay with this.

We have also been streaming over on twitch so check us out of there! (Link’s at the top of every page!!! Saying if we are live or not too)

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Eddie Stubbington
Hello and welcome. To my website TEG UK standing for The Entertainment Group UK. I like to game on the console's and love creating new reviews and improving the website. I have grown up with The Gadget Show, MacRumors, and The Verge. These are my main sources for news in the world of tech.I sometimes tune into the latest developer events and have live coverage on my website.I currently create reviews, GamePlay on YouTube and would love to make a living out of doing this. So please return to the website and Like, Subscribe and follow the links are on the left handside.Don't forget Entertainment Matters.
Eddie Stubbington
Eddie Stubbington
Eddie Stubbington

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